Sunday, March 28, 2010


Do we really need more dance rock?

This Brisbane five-piece are graduates of The Music and Bloc Party style: synth based and danceable but with enough guitars and good vocals to make it interesting enough to listen to on an iPod. Unfortunately the tracks on their Myspace don’t do The Belligerents justice. Lucky for them, their live show does. While we may not need more dance rock bands, it seems it’s what audiences want.

A recent performance at The Edge showed the power of spacey synth, punchy guitars, and tried-and-true offbeat cymbals for that dance feel.  Coupled with some shirtlessness and healthy rock bravado, and the band transformed a half empty hall with a crowd sitting on the floor into the kind of pulsing crowd you’d find at a Valley nightclub at 2am.  

A post on the band’s Facebook says they’re currently recording. Hopefully they’ll be able to capture that live energy and tight sound. Until then make an effort to catch this belligerent bunch live for the full experience.

Sounds like: Bouncy synth pop with a punchy rock heart.

Is there room for more dance rock bands?
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  1. The Belligerents are one of the best young bands in brisbane at the moment, they are definitely worth checking out, i see big things for this group!