Sunday, March 21, 2010


'Hey' by The Vaudeville Smash

Probably the happiest song you'll hear this year.

Melbourne band The Vaudeville Smash recreate the joys of low budget 80's kids TV shows for this video clip. But there's plenty to enjoy in this track even if you haven't seen The Sooty Show. With it's so-corny-they're-cool lyrics, "Hey! you want it? you got it, 's all right", and a horn section channelling Madness, pop songs haven't sounded like this for 25 years. It's been too long. If the sheer cheerfulness of this song doesn't make you feel like dancing in the street, there is something wrong with you... seek help.

For more kids show inspired video clips check out TZU's Play School/Wiggles rip off for their song 'In Front of Me', or Weezer's muppet filled 'Keep Fishin'.

Did this song make you dance? Do you know any other kids TV show video clips? Leave a comment below.

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