Monday, March 15, 2010


Folk musician Major Chord uses a "hodge-podge" of percussion from "all corners of the world".

Tonight, while completing my nightly scour of some groovy MySpace tunes, folk musician Major Chord took my fancy. If you look him up you’ll find yourself head-bobbing to ‘Single File’. With superb harmonies and violin by Kate Connor, this is a delicious folk song which also provides listeners with some surprising percussion (as described on his MySpace, as a "hodge-podge" of percussion from "all corners of the world") and effects by Major Chord, aka Dan Flynn.

‘Hey my Name is Joe’ is another of Major Chord's folk songs in which the listener is provided with stories of various haunted characters and then offers them sympathy. This song involves nice guitar chords, base and the Farfisa (an Italian electric organ). Originating in Melbourne, Major Chord has launched two albums through Vitamin Records (also known for FLAP! and Jordie Lane), The Rabbit Hole (2009) and a self titled debut (2008).

If you are in Melbourne or Sydney this April I strongly urge you to check him out and tell Post 88 your thoughts. Hopefully his live performance is as magical as would be expected from his music.

Sounds like: Iron and Wine and Andrew Bird

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