Wednesday, March 31, 2010


'Paranoid' by Jonas Brothers

Ever wondered what the Jonas Brothers would sound like in the death metal genre?

Any self respecting music fan would never listen to the Jonas Brothers unless under threat of torture.  And horrific torture at that. Their super sweet vocals and cheesy grins are reserved only for mothers and their 12 year old daughters.  But add experimental extraordinaire Andy Rehfeldt to the equation and what results is a head-banging metal onslaught that would impress even the most devoted Cannibal Corpse fan.

Gone are the polished boy band harmonies and basic guitar parts.  Instead, the Disney trio are given deep, growling vocals and chunky guitar riffs.  The metal instrumentals have also been matched perfectly to the movement in the video.  The sight of this three-piece tapping and nodding in sync to the cover version is truly one to behold.  One thing's for certain, it beats the original.

Rehfeldt's musical talent is obvious.  But it's clear that this video is meant to be a bit of a laugh more than anything else.  And it certainly provides that.  Check out some of his other video parodies including the likes of Lady GaGa, Slipknot and a personal favourite, Louis Armstrong.

Jonas Brothers-Paranoid (Death Metal Version)

Andy Rehfeldt | MySpace Music Videos

And here's the original:

Which version do you prefer?  Would you like to see more videos get a death metal makeover? Let Post '88 know your thoughts and leave a comment below!

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