Thursday, April 1, 2010


Local lass with a sweet, earthy voice that makes Joanna Newsom sound like a grizzly transvestite.

Okay, maybe not that sweet, or it'd border on a negative trait. Ran Jacobs is a Queensland-based soloist who has put together some gorgeous demos with the help of some friends. This is for anyone who's found themselves listening to Lisa Mitchell, Joanna Newsom, Sufjan Stevens or any other artist with eerie or quirky vocals over tinkling, softly experimental music. While there's no EP or studio recording in the works right now, the low-fi quality of these demos, available though Jacobs' Myspace, only adds to the overall experience.

Standouts are the energetic Kate Miller-Heidke-esque, 'Half-assed Bliss' and the other-worldly 'Carrot Cake' with quiet guitar work and clever, playful lyrics about, umm, cake, and other important things: "I know what it's like to put yourself on the line/ But I won't dance through your mind/ Without wiping my shoes..."

Brisvegans can catch Jacobs at a few gigs coming up in April, more info here.

Sounds like: a female, cheeky and Aussie Sufjan Stevens.

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