Sunday, April 11, 2010


'Love Lost' by The Temper Trap

Let The Temper Trap take you for a nice, dirty and sweaty run.
The Temper Trap; there would be few Post '88ers who have not heard of this band, and if you're one of those few, go to their MySpace now, listen and enjoy!

With their rise to rock-stardom The Temper Trap have played sold-out shows in Australia and are now touring the US, after moving to London to pursue their music career. From their debut album 'Conditions' they give fans this film clip for 'Love Lost'. This song builds up brilliantly - the climax being sung at one too many drunken parties I have attended. In the video, the audience gets exercising with some geeky, yet surprisingly graceful and passionate young British lads. Fun fireworks and synchronised dance moves are mixed in with the desolate outback England setting. It is the first Temper Trap video that I'm aware of to not actually star the band and their instruments.

Take a peek and throw Post '88 back a comment with your thoughts!

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