Tuesday, April 27, 2010


@ Brisbane Entertainment Centre
27 /3/10

“This is the most amazing and smart live concert I have ever seen!!!”

My girlfriend went to the Lady Gaga concert in Brisbane and says it was an exciting and crazy experience. She is glad to share her memory of the amazing concert by answering a few of my questions.

Can you describe the general feeling of a Lady Gaga concert?

With the strong electronic pop music 'Telephone call', Lady Gaga appeared on stage with her Monster group. She called them her gay fashion boys. It seemed that some big remarkable dramatic music would soon start.

Everybody was screaming madly and were impressed by her fantastic costumes. She changed the style of her costumes many times throughout the concert, each one influenced by the Gothic style. Her sexy costumes included the following: a shiny silver triangle contraption, a leather studded top with ‘bling’ underwear, and a  vivid white feathered and plastic skirt. The audiences were shocked by these strong visual images.

With her famous song 'Just dance', the resounding music reinforced the sense of rhythm that rocked the atmosphere. She and her Monster group shook their bodies and wore headpieces that moved on their own accord. We soon realized that we couldn't control our emotions and danced crazily with her.

Which song brings the concert to a climax?

The best song was 'Bad Romance', which brought the concert to a crescendo. 'Bad Romance' kept Gaga’s monster style. The audience felt unprecedented passion in their minds and their bodies.

Compared with other live experiences, which aspect of the Lady Gaga concert made a deep impression on you?

Lady gaga's concert was unlike any other concert- the strong visuals made it more like musical theatre. It seems that she was'nt just playing music, she wanted to express her own emotions in song. At one stage she said, “I don't just show up for things, you know. That video was a vision of mine. It was Molina the director who wanted to do something, to have a performance art aspect that was so pop but that felt like lifestyle. The truth is that I'm dead, until I'm here on stage, with you, then I'm alive instead.”

How did the audience react?

When Lady Gaga performed in the Brisbane show it was her 23rd birthday. She danced, thanked and complimented the fans. I can't forget how some people burst into tears at the end of Gaga’s show. She drove everybody crazy and made a deep impression on the audience.

Upside: Fantastic costumes, hot performances and strong visuals with 3D effects on the stage.

Downside: Too perfect!

Crowd: Enthusiastic and crazy. Most of them were young.

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