Friday, April 16, 2010


Die By The Drop

Jack White's latest project kick off their second album with a clip that's as grisly as its' title suggests.

It seems everything Jack White touches, turns to gold.  His latest effort, The Dead Weather, is no exception.  It sees the haunting vocals of The Kills' lead singer, Alison Mosshart, paired with the guitar work of Dean Fertita, from Queens of the Stone Age fame.  Bassist Jack Lawrence from White's previous project, The Raconteurs, rounds out the supergroup.

Hot off the heels of their Australian tour, The Dead Weather have returned with a track that's dark, dirty and a little bit creepy.  With a chorus that explodes with the lyric "I'm going to take you for worse or better", 'Die By The Drop' grabs you from the very start.  From the vocal tug-of-war between White and Mosshart, to the eerie ringing of one repetitive keyboard note, this is rock perfection.  Visually, the shaky camera work and the shots of the band decked out in elaborate costumes, as if they've been playing a game of dress ups, suits the track perfectly.  Watch out for new album, 'Sea of Cowards', when it hits stores in May.

Is The Dead Weather the ultimate super group?  Do they give Them Crooked Vultures a run for their money? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below!

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