Monday, April 12, 2010


Head First
(Mute Records)

The fifth studio release for the duo is a 40-minute nod to trashy 80's synth that feels a few decades too late. 
If you're a fan of original 80's synth pop, consider this a ho-hum example of the current wave of 80's inspired records . This is by far the most commercial offering from Alison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory, consisting almost entirely of simplistic pop ballads. Lead singles, 'Rocket' ("I've got a rocket/you're going on it/you're never coming back"), and 'Alive' ("I feel alive again/alive again/alive again") are catchy and fun, but nothing new for those who listened to The Eurythmics, or sound-alike bands. Missing are the subtle intricacies, and the sophistication Goldfrapp normally bring to dance music. While Alison Goldfrapp's distinctive, breathy vocals give the tracks some definition, none of them have the brilliance of previous hits, such as 'Oh La La'. 

Upside: 'Voicething', which varies from the formula of the record, and is more playful.

Downside: The lyrics, which sometimes feel sloppy and overly simplistic. The worst example is 'Alive'.

Best Lyric: From 'Dreaming' - "Over through the dark and gentle sea/ open it to portal seventeen/ I wanna laugh at day and dawn/ I wanna know you need to stay".

Sounds like: Sleepy synth-pop you swear you've heard before.

What do you think? 80's throwback or reinvention? Leave a comment below!

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