Tuesday, April 20, 2010


This unsigned foursome have provided their MySpace listeners with only two songs, yet their experimental music is uniquely powerful.

Castles Sunk Below the Sea's (what I classify as) post-rock song, '1992' is accompanied by samples from Severn Suzuki’s speech at the UN Earth Summit in 1992, in which she discussed, at only 12 years old, her worries about growing up in a polluted, and poverty stricken world. The song will evoke emotion in any of you, as Post '88 readers, who care about the environment and poverty.

“If you don't know how to fix it, please stop breaking it!”

This song creates a gut full of passion in the listener by building amazing instrumentals, which climax in various parts, supporting Suzuki’s truthful words.

Their second song, which is leans more toward the post-punk genre, ‘You and I, Avulsed’, begins with a lengthy instrumental session making it clear the band is influenced by post-rock musicians like Explosions in the Sky and Mogwai. The emo-ish rock vocals, which follow this instrumental part, epitomize another side of the band’s influences such as alternative-rock band, Brand New.

As already mentioned, there are only two songs, so I am yet to fully fall in love with Castles Sunk Below The Sea, although I am eager to hear more!

You can see this shoegaze* band playing at my favourite local spot, The Troubadour on May 19, I will hopefully be there and write a review, so make sure you attend and let Post '88 know your opinion!

Sounds like: A great soundtrack to an inspirational art-house flick.

*On a slightly separate note, if you don't know what shoegaze is, Wikipedia explains: "The British music press named this style shoegazing because the musicians in these bands stood relatively still during live performances in a detached, introspective, non-confrontational state, hence the idea that they were gazing at their shoes. The shoegazing sound is typified by significant use of guitar effects, and indistinguishable vocal melodies that blended into the creative noise of the guitars".

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  1. their music is so good. good review. cant wait to hear more too. must go to there gig in May! chels