Saturday, March 13, 2010


@ The Cubby Hole

An overly enthusiastic gig.

My first experience of The Cubby Hole was last Thursday. This consisted of witnessing two bands, Brisbane’s Fractions, and Sydney based Megastick Fanfare, who were both supporting Adelaide's The Shiny Brights.

 Fractions played a tight set and scored many yells of approval from the crowd who, by the end of the set, were all dancing in front of the five-piece. Their song ‘Wither’ was being requested by the crowd numerous times and when lead vocalist, Tim Bateman, announced this as their last song, the crowd atmosphere altered to slightly crazed rock star fans.

Then there was Megastick Fanfare...

Five piece, Megastick Fanfare, in contrast to The Fractions, began with an absent crowd (which was to stay that way). The lead singer’s vocals were drowned out by the overwhelming drums and keyboardist who moved to an extra symbol and tom drum out the front. The whole band performed side-on to the audience.  All five were jumping up and down like monkeys experimenting with any instrument that crossed their path. All their instruments - shaker, tambourine, sticks, synths, base, electric guitar, drums, keyboard, even the back bench of the venue copped a belting - just added to the mess of noise created by the band.

By the second song, ‘A Musing’s Heathrob’, despite my leg bobbing to the tribal beat, the audience (three to my left, three to my right and a handful behind) didn’t look so impressed. While the lead singer made out with the microphone and revealed his lovely white bum-crack (which made several appearances throughout the set), the drummer beat his instrument so violently he appeared as though he might knock them over.

‘Good ╬Žer’ began with the majority of the band changing their instruments. This song sounded much more experimental live than on their recorded MySpace track. Finally, the drummer fixed his drums so they were stable, although the lead singer then broke the microphone and until it was fixed, he tried to make up for the vocals by yelling so hard veins appeared on his very crimson face.

After the fourth song, ‘Brain Tooth’ the main singer thanked Brisbane “for having us in your lovely city” and then the noise persisted throughout their fifth and sixth song. To their credit, Megastick Fanfare appear to have some good ideas - catchy base tune, deep impacting drum beat, reminding me of Vampire Weekend at times - however, they over-layered them far too much with effects and various percussion instruments.

Their last song began, with the lead singer again talking to the audience, thanking people called Jesse and Sam, however he crouched behind the mic stand, making what he said unclear. Finally the fanfare mess that is Megastick Fanfare finished, but not without a very, VERY annoying effect - it reminded me of a vocal voice alarm clock. Tone it down guys.

Upside: Deep, powerful and catchy drum beat
Downside: Too much over-layering with special effects
Crowd: A couple of uninterested bar patrons


  1. Haven't heard Megastick Fanfare myself but I enjoyed your rather comical commentaries and reflections of the performance. Would have loved to hear more about The Fractions though.

  2. I think Megastick Fanfare did well to keep their enthusiasm up during there whole performance only playing for 10 or so people.

    They played at the Clubhouse opening on Saturday night to a much larger performance, and seemed to be enjoyed.

    GREATTTT reflection of their performance!

  3. Paige- Thank you! Maybe next time I see the Fractions i'll do a review, this time I just wanted to focus more on one band.

    Anonymous- Glad to hear someone got some enjoyment out of it! If I were less sober maybe I might have thought more highly of their Cubby Holy performance.

  4. Ella aka "Elf", I am sitting chortling at my laptop reading your post, rather like what happens when I spend hours on Great imagery about the lack-of-crowd, how embarrassing for them.
    Bands that try too hard annoy me too. Someone played me Short Stack today as an example of 'bad music', and I think they have the same wannabe symptoms.

    I will keep reading your posts :)

  5. these guiz are sh1t