Monday, March 22, 2010


Middle of Nowhere
(1997, Island/Mercury)

Who could ever forget the beautiful Hanson brother trio? Or their luscious shoulder length hair?

In response to the question above, not me. Never, ever me.

Middle of Nowhere is a genius album. Full of brilliant pop songs which all have catchy tunes, evoke emotion and hold a memory of their own for many post ‘88 children. What makes it even more unbelievable is that it was created by three teenagers all aged below 17. To be precise drummer of the threesome, Zachary Hanson, wasn't even a teenager, he was 12 and completely adorable.

This 13 song album features 14-year-old Taylor Hanson’s gifted adolescent fingers on piano and his perfect, pre-puberty whaling and screeching for majority of the vocals. It also features his brothers; already mentioned 12-year-old child-star Zach on drums and slightly creepy 17-year-old Issac on guitar.

‘MMMBop’, ‘Where’s the love’, ‘Weird’, ‘I will come to you’ and 'Man from Milwaukee', are the main memorable classics of Middle of Nowhere (every word will, no doubt, be carried to the grave).

If this CD is not in your collection of amazing albums from the 90's, you obviously did not live your childhood to the fullest as you missed one of the best things to ever hit our generation.

Let Post88 know your special memories of this dazzling album, or if you disagree with this blog, please comment below so I can tell you how wrong you are.

Upside: The whole damn thing!

Downside: Non-existent, although maybe Isaac can be considered, as he was slightly too old and creepy to be part of such an awesome brother band.

Best lyrics: "From the look on his face and the size of his toes/ He comes from a place that nobody knows/ Maybe I'm hallucinating, hyperventilating/ Letting this big-toed bald man sitting here tell me about the sky."

Sounds like: Jonas Brothers, apparently. They may try, but they will never succeed. No one ever will.

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