Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Soldier of  Love

Sade shows us that love, even when lost, is still sweet.
Last week, I wandered into the local record store Rocking Horse, and I was attracted by the track playing in the shop. As Sade's pure, soothing voice wound me back to a state of complete calm, the staff handed me Soldier of Love. When I returned home, I inserted the CD into my laptop, took a breath, closed my eyes and then got ready to be enchanted by the amazing voice of Sade again. From when the first track began, it took me to another world where it's only me, and her voice. Sade seemed to be whispering secret thoughts directly into my ears.

From the first track 'The Moon and the Sky' to the last song 'Safest Place', Soldier of Love depicts a story of complicated love.  It tells the story of heartbreak, but has uplifting moments of hope, that love may return. From 'Soldier of Love''s “My heart has been a lonely warrior before, whose been to war,”, to 'Long Hard Road''s “It’s gonna be alright,” which brings the ten-track record to a conclusion. It’s a closing statement befitting the context of the album as a whole, indicating a long journey of love that is full of sadness and unforgettable moments.

One song typical to the style of the record sonically is 'The Moon and the Sky'. Before Sade's expert vocals comes through, it hooks the listener's attention with a mournful guitar melody, as the notes float over strings. A slowly building rhythm kicks in, and then, that unique voice begins, like a wind kissing the blue midnight. The lyrics resonate with mourning; “Why did you make me cry, why didn’t you come get me one last time".
Upside: Sade's voice is really astounding and beautiful.

Downside: The style of all songs are nearly the same, may needs more diversity.

Best lyric: "You are the blood of me/The harvest of my dreams/There's nowhere I can find peace and the silence won't cease."

Sounds like: Comfort to the wounded heart.

What do you think? Modern ballads for the broken-hearted? Leave your thoughts below.

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