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Toowoomba rock outfit Project 62 are on the war path.

 This six-piece don't like to classify themselves as anything more than pure 'rock', and it's clear from their music just why. Having recently released their debut album, Our Own War independently,these local favourites are bringing their aggressive, rebel-with-a-cause style to Brisbane. The members of the band got together to muse on the wars we all face, the making of their new clip, and why it's not necessary to shower.

In your own words, who makes up Project 62? Describe your style and why you came together.

Project 62 (Jason Lawler, Mark Chalmers, Josh Meppem, Peter Woods, Adam Henry and Jonathan Willis) came together through friendship, a dissolution with playing in cover bands and the desire to create something of our own. Some have called it epic rock, eclectic rock - we just like to think of it as rock. There are way too many genres, nowadays! Maybe we could be neo-classical jazz-pop? Our music is a mix of many styles and genres and every member brings a different influence to the table.

How does it feel to have your debut album, Our Own War released?

It feels great to have something we can hold in our hands that represents that point of growth in our band. The album was a huge learning experience for us. We were unhappy with the results from the studio at first, and took it upon ourselves to re-record a large portion of the material. We had to learn to use pro tools and all sorts of stuff, but the knowledge has proven invaluable to us.

What was the process and inspiration behind it?

Our Own War started off as a chance to explore the recording process with our songs, but soon became a vehicle to present them in a much deeper and emotional setting. As the album neared its' final stages, we realised there were many underlying themes that connected the songs. The album artwork helped to emphasise these themes and before we knew it, we sort of had a 'concept' album. Soon the songs started to take on a different shape and form and the vision for the record became clear.

The record is very political, were there any events in particular that were written about?

There weren't really specific events, though the theme of the record focuses on the inherent flaws of humanity and a realisation of one's own ignorance - not excluding ourselves of course! These flaws could be traced to many particular events, both personal and political, which shall go under the guise of ... wait for it ... our own war. 

What tracks in particular are you most proud of?

'Too Bold' and 'Silver Line'. They have a lot of different sounds and are slightly more ambitious than the other songs on the record. They give the record a sense of scope and depth. 

You've just released a video for 'Pulse'... it's pretty insane! Describe the idea behind it and how it was put together.

The 'Pulse' video was basically conceptualised by Jack 'Tyrannosaurus' Atley, the director, and our lead singer Jason. The character that Jason plays is a scientist known as Victor Black, whose main goal is to manipulate anything he desires, including the world that he lives in. He decides to tamper with mother nature, which ultimately leads to his demise - basically, your average video. It was shot over two days with many helping hands. We really enjoyed working with Jack, he helped us realise our potential. Aside from the video being a great promotional tool, it has brought us closer together, and Jack is now like an extra member in the band.

You're also playing The Step Inn in June - what's the best and worst parts of playing live?

The best part of playing live is the energy and vibe we get to create, which is never the same every time. It's exciting! The worst part of playing live is not being able to do it all the time.

Do you find Brisbane audiences receptive?

We haven't really played Brisbane much, but most times the response has been positive and we love playing with new bands, so hit us up Brisbane!

Where do you see as your place in the Queensland music scene? A lot of what's around at the moment is indie/pop or softer rock ... do you feel like you're bringing something different?

We see ourselves as a relatively unknown band outside of our hometown. Our music is a little more confrontational than what's around at the moment, but we like to think that we're offering something challenging that resonates in everyone.

Project 62 is a meeting of musical minds - do you ever find the collaboration process a challenge?

It was hard at first, but once we all left our egos at the door, the friendship grew, the music seemed to flow and the direction became clear for us all. We all realised that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts, and learned to appreciate each others' strengths and weaknesses.

What's next up for the band?

We're looking at the possibility of another video, depending on how this one goes, and will definitely have a new recording by summer.

Where would you like to see yourselves in five years time?

Probably re-re-re-recording the above new record!

The band's favourite bar in Queensland?

The Lawman's Moonshine Shanty.

What other artists are on high rotation on your iPods?

We still buy CDs and most of us don't even own an iPod, but we like a range of stuff, eg. Radiohead, Eddie Vedder, Clutch, DEP, Steve Reich, Grizzly Bear, Greenthief, Weaponhead. Basically, anything that doesn't suck.

Shower in the morning, at night, both, or neither?

We have water restrictions here, so neither. It gets a bit pungent up on the mountain.

Project 62 play Step Inn on Friday 11th of June, and Our Own War is out now, available here.

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