Sunday, May 9, 2010


My Polaroid Holiday are a band devoted to the idea that making music should be all about having fun and not much else.
When most people hear the words 'indie-pop' the resultant reaction is usually a dissatisfied groan. The five-piece band don't mind this, however, preferring to stay positive despite what their detractors say. All My Polaroid Holiday want to do is churn out songs people can dance to.

88: What's the My Polaroid Holiday story? How did you guys start?

MPH: 3 of us wanted to drink and find a way to go to more house parties (we were underage at the time). Also, we had just finished school and needed a way to kill boredom during summer while we waited for uni to kick off.

88: Is that whole party atmosphere what music is all about you? Or is it something more? 

MPH: For us music encapsulates life experiences in general. But I will admit that our favourite kind of tunes are what you would play at a party. Really I formed this band with the other guys so we would have music that would sound good at parties.

88: How difficult are you guys finding it breaking into the music scene? Do you think it's easier or harder than it would be in say Melbourne or even New York?

MPH: It hasn't been too hard to get our name out there. I guess because there are five of us, it's five times the amount of word of mouth. It's getting to that next level though that I think will be a challenge. As for Melbourne and New York, they would have both their advantages and shortcomings. You would definitely be able to play more than twice a week in either city though, which could make things easier.

88: I see you team up a lot with the band Scarletto. Do you often find there's often a sense of comradery with people trying to do the same thing as you? If so how does it change the whole band experience?

MPH: Yeah there's always a good atmosphere when playing alongside bands you're friends with. It makes playing a lot easier and enjoyable. We may not share a lot musically with Scarletto, but we all like to party, and at the end of the day, having a killer time with your friends is what counts, right?

88:You have a fair few members in your band, how easy is it to keep everyone getting along with each other? Poor Amanda's the only girl so she must have some difficulties?

MPH: Of course we have history between all of us, but at the end of the day we're friends, and friends see past it. It's only human and we're all still learning and growing as people. Amanda probably wishes otherwise, but we treat her like one of the guys. Tin gets along with Amanda on a different level as well ;) (not really)

88: You guys obviously love music and cite a lot of different influences. How do you make sure you guys are sounding like 'My Polaroid Holiday' as opposed to a tribute band?

MPH: Each of us is influenced by different things and always maintain who we are in our parts. My Polaroid Holiday is more than music, it's an experience, a story. Our personal experiences are reflected through our music and nothing could ever replicate that.

88: How would you describe your sound? Is there a genre you think you belong to?

MPH: 3 minutes and 30 seconds of wild fun and all around badass-ness, no arguments. Our material covers quite a few different genres, but Tin likes to think of it as 'harder' indie pop.

88: You often describe yourself as indie-pop. How does that work exactly? Is there logic in the argument the two terms are mutually exclusive or are you guys proving that wrong.

MPH: One would easily think that the term is an oxymoron, but do not be fooled! Both of those attitudes towards music can inform each other, and we incorporate both when writing songs. We aren't proving it wrong because its already been done before.

88: Anything else you guys would like to add?

MPH: We are playing X&Y this Tuesday (the 11th), with the fine Rawr Vanity, and Amygdala-0. Also, you should watch this, it will change your life

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