Monday, May 10, 2010


 They haven't been around for long but this hardcore/punk band are hitting the Brisbane music scene like a punch to the face.

It wasn't easy finding a proper photo to put up the top of this post because Castaway just aren't that type of band. In an industry where everyone else is obsessed with their own image these guys are a taste of something different. You won't see them going to photo shoots or sucking up to venue owners. They make music because that's what they do, whether you like it or not.

If you are a fan of hardcore or punk then you're probably in for a treat.Guitarist Josh Travers uses his extensive experience in sound engineering to give the bands recordings on their Myspace a polished and professional sound despite their limited time as a band. Travers, Thomas Battams and Ryan Elder know and play their instruments like virtuosos and it's this mastery that really shines through in the songs. Andrew Watt's vocals are an instrument to themselves that add to the overwhelming emotion.Their new self titled EP shows that band not only loves making their music but loves to do it right.

Everyone get's pissed off and the only way to get it off your chest is to express it. So the next time you're annoyed about Splendour you might want to find a different way to vent. Don't complain on facebook people, no one cares. Maybe instead go and 'cast yourself way' (Get it?) with these upandcomers. They're ticked off!

Upside: Songs like 'Sanctuary' are agressive and powerful. You'll be swept up in a tidal wave of raw emotion.

Downside: If you don't like hardcore and punk and the raw sounds that come with, you definitely won't like Castaway.

Sounds like: Raw unchained anger meets surprisingly high production values.

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