Tuesday, May 11, 2010


"Ha Ha Li Li"by Sa Dingding

Sa Dingding calls herself a Buddhist but, in her latest video, she's abandoned her religious roots.

It's hard to say whether Sa Dingding's still creating pure, original Chinese music after watching this clip. She wears a black dress, dark green lips and black nails, whilst dancing around black trees.  In these shots, Sa Dingding looks more like a tree monster, rather than any symbols of the Buddhist culture she tries to represent.

On the plus side, her video features some amazing special effects.  For instance, the clip opens with a beautiful, illuminated butterfly, flying in and out of focus.  Also, the use of a zooming effect to switch scenes.  This is done by focusing on one of Sa Dingding's eyes and, when the camera zooms out, the scene has changed.  It gives the illusion that you're entering another world through her eyes.  The most impressive scene is when her face morphs into a picture of a Chinse landscape painting, showing the theme of her latest album - harmony between human and nature.

Is Sa Dingding sticking to her Buddhist roots?  Leave a comment below!

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