Sunday, May 16, 2010


If you haven't already seen Fractions (no 'the'), you most probably will.

This five-piece have been playing gigs around Brisbane's CBD almost every week for over a month. The indie electro rock band have been noted in Brisbane's street press for not only their music, but their hair. Vocalist, Tim Bateman discussed the past, present and future plans of Fractions, over the phone with Post '88.

How long have you guys been together? Who does what?

We've been together for two years. Jolen Camilleri on drums, Faron Camilleri on bass, Hamish Camilleri on keys, Adam Smith on guitar and myself on vocals and percussion.

Always been vocals for you? Have you dabbled in any instruments?

I always wanted to be the singer. I was in choir in primary school and musicals in high school before we started mucking around in the band room in high school, Jolen, Faron and I were all best mates in the same grade at school. We actually started out in separate bands which were pretty competitive until we found our current line up.

So, as you mentioned Fractions have a trio of brothers,  the Camilleri’s, has this caused any problems?

Brotherly arguments are great because anything can be said and forgotten in a few minutes. With Jolen and Faron covering bass and drums, they seem to lock in really well, I guess it’s a brotherly understanding.

Why 'Fractions'? I’ve been told very clearly no ‘The’, reason being...

There is no grand story; just liked the way it sounded, we wanted something that didn’t already create an image before you heard the music, Fractions worked.

And, why indie electro rock?

It just happened that way, our sound naturally developed around synth and keyboard riffs as Hamish writes all of the riffs. We're all into a lot of bands in this genre and we hope we have our own take on it.

You've released a self-titled EP, and now Fractions have decided to release a single each month instead of all together... was this a strategy or just more fun?

We thought it would be a way of having a more immediate connection with our audience as we are able to put out our news tracks quickly. For us too it is fun to be constantly recording and releasing new tracks, but I guess we will see how it goes as we have only done one so far.

When and where can we hear the new song?

We are playing Alhambra Lounge, Lambda night, on the 28th of May where we'll be playing our new single 'Holiday'.  We're hoping to have it mastered by then so we can start sharing it.

Any future plans of another EP or maybe an album?

Not really, we're happy to keep doing singles at this stage.  It keeps us busy and motivated.

In an interview with Brisbane’s street press Scene magazine, you discussed Fractions plans to move to the UK. Still on?

It's been put on ice for now.  We all still want to do it, but we decided it wasn’t the best thing for the band, at least for the next 12 months.

So, is moving to UK still the plan?

Eventually, but we'd probably want to feel like we've done more in the Australian market before we try.

In a review, another Brisbane street press magazine, Rave, said: “The young lads may need to give less attention to showing off their influences (via their songs, t-shirts and haircuts)”. Seems to me a bit of a futile comment... What was your response?

I thought it was pretty funny. It was our first negative review, but if that was the worst thing they could say, I was pleased.  They also said we have great hair or something. So, I guess I'll take that one as a compliment and move on.

I hear you missed your show last night at X and Y because you were feeling under the weather. It was Fractions first instrumental show?

Yeah the boys did an instrumental show last night without me, I was in bed early.

How did Fractions go without their vocalist?

I spoke to Faron today who said it went pretty well considering.  They let a fan of the band get up and sing a song that he knew the words to, so sounds like I have some competition.

Any new music grabbed your attention recently?

I'm really enjoying new MGMT.

What are your favourite bands from the last 22 years?

Personally The Killers are my fave. Also Bloc Party and Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

Any standout songs?

'Sam's town'- The Killers, 'Two More Years' -Bloc Party and 'Otherside' - Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

Fractions play the Alhambra Lounge on May 28th.

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